UA/ASA Fresh Fund

The UA/ASA Fresh Fund was created in 2007 at the request of then-Dean for Student Life Larry Benedict and supports "fresh" groups and initiatives.

Currently, allocations from the Fresh Fund are handled by the Association of Student Activities and approved by the ASA Executive Board and the UA Treasurer. Since there is no formal application for Fresh Fund, if your group wants to apply for it, your group should email with a budget breakdown of what your group wants to request funding for, and a defense for each line item.

There are no deadlines for the Fresh Fund. Applications and allocations are done on a rolling, first-come first-serve basis. Any recently-ASA-recognized group that has a majority of undergraduate students, regardless of "funded status," is eligible to apply to the Fresh Fund.

If your group receives funding from the Fresh Fund, please make sure that on all publications and publicity materials (e.g., Facebook events, emails, posters) to use the UA [GIF] [PNG] and ASA logos, and/or have a readable line that states that the event is, "Sponsored by the UA/ASA Fresh Fund."

Typically, a group will only receive funding from the Fresh Fund once.