Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of sites you have to go to for everyday tasks at MIT? Try finding it here. They are organized theoretically by frequency of use. The goal is to attempt to have a one-stop shop for helpful links. Of course, organization is challenging when you're dealing with 1/256th of the internet so, if anything is missing that you tend to go to pretty often, please let us know!

  • Student Life and Learning -- This site also attempts to organize MIT's student resources, and is a lot more extensive than the list below. Check it out!
  • WebSIS -- Your "personal portal." Useful, but even harder to follow than this list. Some of the links below can also be found here.


Jobs and Career



Personal Life

  • Student Support Services -- You might have forgotten about them, but when you can't make a test, they're the ones who will excuse you.
  • MIT Medical -- Hours, insurance, etc. PS -- Though you may have heard complaints, we've heard that their mental health resources are great.
  • SafeRide Schedule -- When and where does it run?
  • MBTA Passes -- Did you know MIT students get 50% off monthly passes?
  • Campus Dining -- Information about meal plans, venues, catering, and more.
  • Budget Rental -- Did you know MIT has a deal with Budget rental? Use your MIT ID and you can rent a car at normal prices at the young age of 18. Use the Sydney Street location.

Computing and Technology

  • IS&T -- Free software, emergency information, how to Athena, and more.
  • WebMoira -- Manage your mailing lists and create your own.
  • SIPB -- Helpful information and resources for coders and non-coders alike. They provide hosting for dynamic content (or something like that) and a bunch more stuff.
  • Lynda -- FREE tutorials (paid for by MIT) in tons of software from Excel to Photoshop.

Random/Events/To Do/Shameless Plugs

  • Events on Campus -- More than you could ever attend, but check it out if you ever have a free day.