Apply for the Presidential Advisory Committee

President Reif has commissioned the formation of the Presidential Advisory Cabinet (PAC) as a sustaining student advisory body. The body consists of four undergraduate students and four graduate students (including the Presidents of the Graduate Student Council and the Undergraduate Association who serve as ex-officio members). The cabinet acts in a purely advisory capacity on various issues identified by the President concerning the student body.

Prospective members of this body will be nominated jointly by the UA’s and GSC’s nomination boards and will be confirmed directly by President Reif. Membership to this committee will be limited and participants will be expected to speak knowledgeably on a vast collection of topics relating to MIT policy. The application and interview process seeks to identify the most informed, experienced, and diverse membership. Service on PAC requires an exceptional sense of personal responsibility and commitment to the student body and the Institute-at-large. Members serve one-year terms starting September 1st.

The UA is accepting applications to the Presidential Advisory Cabinet. Applications will then be screened by the UA Nominations Committee and a small list of interviews will be conducted the following week (June 24th to June 28th).

Check out the PTAC website and the report for the 2012-2013 term.

The Presidential Advisory Cabinet represents an excellent opportunity for our student community to be involved with Institute policies and connect with President Reif.