Mr. Francisco Rodriguez Guardado Case

On June 2nd, the UA Officers were approached by the MIT Student Activist Coalition about the deportation case of Mr. Francisco Rodriguez Guardado, who has worked as a janitor at MIT for over five years.  More specific details of his case can be found below.

The MIT Student Activist Coalition requested the UA’s support for three things:

  1. Sign this MIT-specific petition:

  2. Sign this non-MIT specific petition:

  3. Write a letter of support to ICE for Mr. Rodriguez. 

The UA Policy Platform states under International Student Issues that it firmly supports:

20. The right of international students to study at MIT and participate in the same extracurricular, educational, training, and on-campus employment opportunities during their studies that are available to domestic students.

21. Efforts that allow undocumented students to study at MIT unhindered.

Although Mr. Rodriguez is not an undergraduate student, he is a member of our community and it is important for us to support all of those members. Moreover, it is not unreasonable to believe issues like these may begin to affect undergraduates and we should be proactive about addressing them.

On June 12th, the UA Council voted 13 in favor, 0 against, and 3 abstain through out-of-session voting procedures for each of those three things. As a result, the UA Council signed both petitions and sent out a letter of support to Mr. Rodriguez's immigration lawyer. The full text of the letter can be found here

On June 13th, Mr. Rodriguez will have his check-in. If he is detained, there will be a press conference in front of the JFK Federal Building at 2pm, with a contingent of students leaving the Kendall T-stop at 1:30pm.