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Committee Chairs
  • The Executive Team

    Article II, Section B and Article IV of the Undergraduate Association (UA) Constitution establish the Executive Team of the UA. It consists of the Principal Officers, the committee chairs, and Assistant Officers.


    Principal Officers

    The Principal Officers of the organization consist of the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Treasurer and Secretary. The President and Vice President are elected by the student body in the Spring Elections, while the Chief of Staff, Treasurer and Secretary are nominated by the President and confirmed by the UA Council. Each Officer leads an Office, which assists them in performing their duties. There are typically five people in each Office. The authority of the Principal Officers, and their responsibilities, are derived from Article II, Section B of the UA Constitution.

    President: Matthew Davis
    Vice President: Sophia Liu
    Chief of Staff: Githui Maina
    Treasurer: Alekhya Reddy
    Secretary: Alex Zele


    Committee Chairs

    The main work of the UA is done through its committees, each of which is headed by a committee chair. Every committee chair is wholly entrusted with representing the student body in their committee's interest area. The authority of the committee chairs, and their responsibilities, are derived from Article IV of the UA Constitution.

    There are two types of committees in the UA: Cabinet committees, and Operations committees. Cabinet committees are responsible for representing students in a given area to entities outside of the UA, such as administrators, faculty, and government. Cabinet committees report to the Office of the President of the UA, and meet together as a group once a week to decide policies that are presented to the UA Council. Operations committees are responsible for improving the efficacy and ability of the UA. They report to a particular Officer, depending on their duties.

    The interests and priorities of each committee can be found here.

    Cabinet Committee Chairs

    Associate Academic Officer: Dante Delaney
    Campus Planning: Arturo Chavez-Gehrig
    Community: Kyle Archer
    Education: Corinn Herrick
    Innovation: Malte Ahrens
    Public Affairs: Daniel Wang
    Special Projects: Kelly McGee
    Student-Administrator Collaboration: Lillian Chin
    Student Support and Wellness: Tamar Weseley
    Sustainability: Linda Jing

    Operations Committee Chairs

    Committees that Report to the Secretary

    Alumni Affairs: Keertan Kini
    Allan Sadun
     Adam Theriault-Shay
     Alberto Hernandez
     Ariel Jacobs

    Committees that Report to the Treasurer

    Events: Divya Shanmugan
    Financial Board:
    Jitesh Maiyuran
    Resource Development:
    Dang Pham

    Committees that Report to the Chief of Staff

    Nominations: Githui Maina (Chief of Staff)

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  • President

    Matthew Davis

    The current President of the Undergraduate Association (UA) is Matthew Davis, Course 16, Class of 2016. He is a resident of International Development House in New House. At MIT, he is the two-term President of New House, and was Vice President his freshman year. He was appointed Secretary of the UA in Spring 2014. Afterward, he was appointed the Chairman of the UA Judicial Review Board, and served in that position until he decided to run for UA President in January of 2015. In the interim, since his freshman year, he has served on the UA Council. He was also the two­-term Co-­Housing Chair for Dormitory Council, where he worked on a range of dormitory issues. He has been a Student Facilitator for MIT's annual LeaderShape program, was an Associate Advisor, and served as the Undergraduate Representative on the Faculty Committee on the Library System.

    Office of the President

    The duties and responsibilities of the Office are detailed in Article II, Section B of the UA Constitution. The Office of the President is the entity that each elected President inherits upon their succession. It symbolizes the policies of former Presidents, and also the policies of the present office holder. Through the Office of the President, the President is the Chair of the UA Council, nominates Principal Officers, appoints and dismisses committee chairs and assistant officers, and executes the policies of the organization. The Office also chairs the Special Budgetary Committee, which prepares the UA Budget, and also chairs the UA Council-Exec Committee on Bylaws and Procedures. The Office is ultimately responsible for the functions, operations and decisions of the Executive.

    The Principal Officers assist the President in executing their duties.

    Democratic Mandate

    The President and Vice President are elected on a platform. It is through accomplishing this platform that the President and Vice President gain and maintain their legitimacy. Once elected, the platform becomes the 'democratic mandate' of the President, and it is their responsibility to achieve the priorities laid out in their platform. As always, any changes to currently existing policies, or any new policies, must be approved by the UA Council.

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  • Vice President

    Sophia Liu

    The current Vice President of the Undergraduate Association (UA) is Sophia Liu, Course 10B and 7, Class of 2017. She lived in Baker House, before moving off-campus, and is a sister of Sigma Kappa (SK). At MIT, she has served as the UA Secretary for the 2014-2015 year, and served as the Vice President of the Class of 2017 for two years. In Baker House, she served as one of the rooming chairs. She is the 2017 Class Representative for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. She has been a part of TechX, the Society of Women Engineers, MIT Model United Nations, GlobeMed, MedLinks, the Langer Laboratory, and Junior Panhel as a sister of Sigma Kappa, and teaches for Splash and HSSP.

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  • Chief of Staff

    Githui Maina

    The Chief of Staff is responsible for managing the UA's interaction with the MIT Faculty. He or she chairs the Nominations Board which appoints, oversees, and communicates with the approximately 60 representatives to a total of about 40 faculty and other committees including the Corporation Joint Advisory Committee (CJAC), the Committee on the Undergraduate Program (CUP), The Committee on Discipline (COD), and the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP). In this role the Chief of Staff plays a role within the UA by guiding policy discussions and in understanding MIT politics.

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  • Treasurer

    Alekhya Reddy

    The Treasurer, who serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the UA, ensures sound management of the UA’s finances and is involved in key discussions regarding spending on events and projects. The Treasurer works with the ASA, SAO and Finboard to ensure the smooth running of the organization. The Treasurer also serves ex-officion on the UA Finance Board and the ASA LEF/ARCADE Board.

    Key responsibilities

    • Prepare semesterly budget: Work with the UA Committees and Council to develop the UA’s budget for presentation to Council
    • Monitor spending: Provide advice to committees and officers regarding spending on events & projects
    • Process reimbursements: As one of the UA’s financial signatories, manage reimbursements for the organization
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  • Secretary

    Alex Zele

    The Secretary works to ensure records of the UA’s business are created and managed while also coordinating many of the UA’s internal communication channels. The Secretary manages the daily schedule of the UA President and Vice-President and attends the majority of the P-VP meetings to record minutes.

    Key responsibilities

    • Prepare minutes: Record minutes for meetings of the UA Council and Executive Committee
    • Assist with Council: Assist in maintaining relations with UA Council Representatives and recording attendance records
    • Institutional Memory: Work to develop processes for maintaining long-term knowledge of major campus issues & events in UA history
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  • The UA's exec board also consists of the chairs of the following committees (click on link to view description):

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