Executive Board Positions
Vice President
Chief of Staff
Committee Chairs
  • Officers

    The current officers for the year 2015-2016 are:

    President:  Matthew Davis
    Vice President:  Sophia Liu
    Chief of Staff:  Githui Maina
    Treasurer:  Ryan Mcdermott 
    Secretary General: [Vacant]

    Discretionary Funding

    The Officer Team funds MIT undergraduate initiatives that haven't been funded (or funded sufficiently) from other sources. Generally, this funding is difficult to obtain, so other sources should be investigated first. To apply for funding from UA Officers Discretionary, contact the UA Treasurer.

    Executive Team

    The UA Executive Board consists of the Officers, the Chairs of committees, the Presidents of the class councils. You can view descriptions of each through the menus under the 'People' tab.
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  • President

    President: Matthew Davis

    The president is the chief executive office, general spokesperson for the UA, and advocate of undergraduates to the MIT Corporation and Administration. The president attends faculty meetings and any other affairs that require his or her presence as a representative of the undergraduate student body. The president also calls meetings of the Council and set the agenda for these meetings in accordance with the Council Bylaws.

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  • Vice President

    Vice President: Sophia Liu

    The Vice President acts as the chief operating officer of the UA. In the event that the President shall be temporarily unable to perform the duties of that office, the Vice President assumes the Presidency until such a time as the President is able to resume his or her duties. The Vice President is responsible for assisting the President with the completion of his or her duties, as well as sitting in on the Nominations Board.

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  • Chief of Staff

    Chief of Staff: Githui Maina

    The Chief of Staff is responsible for managing the UA's interaction with the MIT Faculty. He or she chairs the Nominations Board which appoints, oversees, and communicates with the approximately 60 representatives to a total of about 40 faculty and other committees including the Corporation Joint Advisory Committee (CJAC), the Committee on the Undergraduate Program (CUP), The Committee on Discipline (COD), and the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP). In this role the Chief of Staff plays a role within the UA by guiding policy discussions and in understanding MIT politics.

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  • Treasurer

    Treasurer: Ryan Mcdermott

    The Treasurer, who serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the UA, ensures sound management of the UA’s finances and is involved in key discussions regarding spending on events and projects. The Treasurer works with the ASA, SAO and Finboard to ensure the smooth running of the organization. The Treasurer also serves ex-officion on the UA Finance Board and the ASA LEF/ARCADE Board.

    Key responsibilities

    • Prepare semesterly budget: Work with the UA Committees and Council to develop the UA’s budget for presentation to Council
    • Monitor spending: Provide advice to committees and officers regarding spending on events & projects
    • Process reimbursements: As one of the UA’s financial signatories, manage reimbursements for the organization
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  • Secretary General

    Secretary: [Vacant]

    The Secretary works to ensure records of the UA’s business are created and managed while also coordinating many of the UA’s internal communication channels. The Secretary manages the daily schedule of the UA President and Vice-President and attends the majority of the P-VP meetings to record minutes.

    Key responsibilities

    • Prepare minutes: Record minutes for meetings of the UA Council and Executive Committee
    • Assist with Council: Assist in maintaining relations with UA Council Representatives and recording attendance records
    • Institutional Memory: Work to develop processes for maintaining long-term knowledge of major campus issues & events in UA history
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  • The UA's exec board also consists of the chairs of the following committees (click on link to view description):

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