The UA Public Affairs committee is responsible for assisting the UA in development of its policy positions by annually submitting a proposed Policy Platform for consideration and approval by the membership. The Policy Platform is not an exclusive expression of the issues of concern to the UA, nor does it bind the UA to advocating for any policy listed below without consideration of other circumstances. The purpose of this document is to state what the UA supports and does not support. This document deals both with external and internal issues that may affect MIT undergraduates, and must be reviewed and voted on by the UA Council at least once every academic year. To pass, this document has received unanimous or near unanimous (with one exception, to be stated in this document as an objection) approval. 


The full text of the Policy Platform, as approved by the UA Council on May 10, 2017, can be found here.

Daca Statement

The full text of the DACA Statement can be found here.