Special Projects

Our Mission: 
Change the social climate at MIT and make an impact on campus in unconventional ways. Join our projects or work on your own!

Our Projects:

Student Resource Evaluation: Improve resource transparency on MIT's campus through resource and awareness evaluation systems

Tackling Food Insecurity on Campus: Ensure no undergraduate at MIT goes hungry

Pre-MIT Academic Program for International Students: Draw from or expand on Interphase so that all minority students, international or American, can start out MIT strong

Phone Interview Space: Working to disseminate information regarding this GECD resource

Costco Cards: Purchase Costco cards for use by MIT undergraduates

Tea with Teachers: Video project to humanize professors through weekly interviews of professors about their life

Voting System: Create an online system for students to express their needs and give feedback on others' ideas

Idle Computing: Get MIT to participate in a program to use idle computer resources to process research data

Free Sanitary Products on Campus: Getting free sanitary products available in bathrooms on campus

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Contact us at ua-speccomm@mit.edu