Get ready and get excited, because you can take a member of the MIT faculty out to a nice dinner or coffee, reimbursed by the UA. Don't miss this opportunity to interact with your favorite professor!

Please register your dinner before attending. Dinners that are not registered before they occur will not be reimbursed.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION For Both Dinners and Coffees

  • A group attending a dinner must consist of 3-6 undergraduate students per professor
  • A group attending a coffee must consist of 1-3 undergrads per professor.
  • We will not reimburse dinners that are not pre-registered
  • Students should pay for the dinners and request reimbursement. Please do not have your professor pay upfront for the dinner— we cannot ensure reimbursement for professors in a timely manner.
  • Each student can be reimbursed for either one dinner + one coffee or three coffees per semester.

  • There is a $20/person limit for reimbursement for dinners and a $6/person limit for coffees. Dinners or coffees costing above that will be reimbursed at the limit.

  • We cannot reimburse alcohol. 

  • We do reimburse tips and other fees.

  • Make sure to show your tax-exemption certificate at the dinner, so that you do not get taxed. We cannot reimburse any taxes charged.

  • Make sure that you request and keep a proof of payment and an itemized receipt. (More information in detailed instructions.) Otherwise, we will likely not be able to reimburse you. 

  • Your paperwork should be fully submitted by May 23, 2017 to be reimbursed.

  • We require both electronic and physical paperwork. We reimburse dinners and coffees only when all relevant paperwork is submitted and correct.

  • For the 2016/2017 school year, we cannot offer coffees or dinners during IAP due to inadequate funding.



1.  Form a group of MIT Undergraduates

Graduate students are welcome, but they cannot be reimbursed by the UA.

If some of your party cannot attend, the group that goes to dinner  or coffee still must be between 3-6 MIT undergraduates (for a dinner) or 1-3 undergraduates (for a coffee).

2.  Talk to your favorite MIT professor

Contact your professor (must be faculty or lecturer, not a TA) and schedule a date for the dinner or coffee. Professors can go on as many dinners/coffees as they'd like, so don't worry if someone as already talked to them.

Not certain how to reach out to a professor? No worries! Here is an example:

Hi Professor Rosa,

My name is Ben Campbell, a student in your Non-Linear Equations class. A couple of students, including myself, Jill __, Choi __, Kianna __, and Fisher __ were wondering if you are interested in having a free dinner with us through the UA Student-Faculty Dinner Program. We have enjoyed your class so far (especially your discussion on the Monty Hall problem), and would love to get to know you more outside of the classroom. Let us know if you are interested so that we may find a time that works best!

Thank you,

Ben Campbell

3.  Pick a date before May 17, 2017 that works for everyone

Once the professor gets back to you with an affirmation, find a date and time that works for everyone. 

The following tools may be helpful:

4.  Register the Dinner or Coffee

Fill out the following forms to register for a dinner or coffee. We will only reimburse dinners and coffees that have been registered beforehand. Each student can be reimbursed for either one dinner + one coffee or three coffees per semester.

5.  Fill out tax exemption paperwork

Make sure to fill out and present MIT's ST-2 certificate and ST-5 form at the dinner, so you won't get taxed. We cannot reimburse any taxes.

6.  Enjoy your dinner or coffee, and collect your receipts

Sample Itemized Receipt

Request an itemized receipt. It must include the restaurant name, each item and its price, and date of service.

Be sure to also get the proof of payment (which may be part of the itemized receipt).

Don't forget the tax exemption form!

If you pay in cash, you must have a receipt from the restaurant stating that you paid in cash, in addition to the itemized receipt.

7.  Thank your professor

Maybe a thank you card is in order.

8.  Get reimbursed

Within a month after the dinner, follow these steps below to get reimbursed.


Sample Proof of Payment

Reimbursements will take up to two weeks after submission of all paperwork, if directions are completely followed. 

Incorrectly filled or incomplete paperwork will be delayed until all missing items are submitted.


What if I forget to ask for an itemized receipt or a proof of payment?

In this case, you will have to contact the restaurant to obtain a copy. They will probably have a record of your order.

In the case of a proof of payment, you may alternatively submit a screenshot and print-out of your bank statement demonstrating that the meal has been paid. However, we do prefer a proof of payment from the restaurant.


Reimbursement Instructions

1.  Scan your itemized receipt and proof of payment

Scan your itemized receipt and proof of payment as JPEG or PDF file(s). Make sure the receipt is flat and all purchases are clearly visible. Do not throw away your receipts; you will still need them.

2.  Create a reimbursement request

Navigate to:

MIT Atlas  ► FULL CATALOG ► My Reimbusements ► Request a Reimbursement For Me

3.  Fill out the form

Fill out the form with the following information:

Charge to: MIT

Name this RFP: Student Faculty Dinner

Date of service: (The date of the dinner)

G/L: (Leave Blank)

Cost Object: (Leave Blank)

Amount: (Total amount to be reimbursed)

Explanation: (Professor's name, dinner location, number of students, Kerberos usernames of students)

Click "Save and Continue"

4.  Attach Documents

Attach all receipts and proofs of purchase (from step 1) with the ‘Attach Receipt’ button at the top and bottom of the webpage.

Double-check everything and click the "Send To" button.

5.  Send RFP

Under “Recipient's Name,” enter “Austin Wang” and click “Search”

Select the entry with, and click “Send”

Note: If you click on an RFP that you already sent, it will return to your inbox, and you will have to send it again. We advise double-checking when you turn in your paperwork.

6.  Print and turn in RFP

Print out the RFP Confirmation Page

Write your name on your receipts and proof of purchase, and staple them to the printed confirmation page.

Drop off the paperwork at W20-401 (UA offices) in the bin labeled “RFP's.” If the door is locked, drop it off in the door mailbox. Do not drop off paperwork at the 5th floor SAO office.


For general questions, email
For questions regarding reimbursements, email

In your email, start the subject line with "UA DINNER:"