Our Mission

The Committee on Student Support & Wellness is committed to representing the undergraduate community in matters of support and wellness and working to sustain undergraduate wellbeing. 

Specifically, these are the goals of The Committee on Student Support & Wellness:

  1. To normalize support and wellness discussions and help-seeking behavior, and to reduce barriers to access for effective car, support, and information, both broadly and within key populations.

  2. To advocate on behalf of undergraduates for changes in policies and services that positively impact student support and wellness and to increase awareness of existing and available support options at MIT.

  3. To inspire the sustained, productive, and meaningful engagement of all members of the Institute   students, staff, faculty, allied health professionals, and administrators in student support and wellness matters.


To realize these goals, members of the committee may sponsor programs and awareness campaigns, bolster new or developing ideas from any source, serve on task forces, committees, or working groups, and remain accessible and open to key stakeholders across the Institute including students, MIT Medical, Mental Health and Counseling, DSL, S^3 and other organizations or groups of the Institute. 

Current Projects

  1. Reducing barriers in physically getting to MIT Medical
  2. Creating chart that shows all MIT supports resources in a clear manner
  3. Reaching out to minority populations and making sure their views are well represented (specifically looking into OME)
  4. Hospitalization Committee
  5. Improving S^3 survey and creating student facing website with survey results on clinician specific questions
  6. Improving MH&C survey
  7. Work on the CASA survey
  8. Looking into the Institute response to sexual assault and intimate partner violence, and working to improve it.
  9. Senior House advising
  10. Committee on Student Life