Tech Twinkles

Tech Twinkles is a project planned by UA Events that aims to brighten people's spirits, and combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) by lighting up trees on MIT's campus during the dark winter months. 

Tech Twinkles is only able to happen with generous support from the MIT Division of Student Life, the MindHandHeart Innovation Fund, and the Baker Foundation.

For the past years, Tech Twinkles has been able to light up trees by the Z center, and in 2016 UA Events expand to the walkway between the Z and Baker, as well as dorms this year, by giving each dorm a set of lights to decorate their outdoor living area.

Each year there is a tree lighting celebration, with food, refreshments, free swag and performance groups. The Facebook event can be found here.

More photos can be found here

A video recap of the event by the Division of Student Life

 The 2016 Tech Twinkles Tree Lighting Celebration

The 2016 Tech Twinkles Tree Lighting Celebration