UA Sustainability Trash2Treasure
May 21

UA Sustainability Trash2Treasure

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dorms

Trash2Treasure is a two-part reuse program that redirects end-of-year move-out waste to local donation facilities and our Fall Reuse Sale.

Piloted in 2013 in Maseeh, Burton-Conner, and Next House, this project strives to reduce MIT’s impact on the landfill as well as discourage students from purchasing brand new dorm accessories when they could be reusing old ones.

In the spring, committee members and volunteers sorted through hundreds of pounds of tossed-out items during finals week. Over 45 large garbage bags of clothing and three boxes of shoes were donated to Goodwill and the MIT Women’s League, an organization dedicated to providing warm clothes for international students. We also collaborated with Door2Door to store thirty boxes of reusable items. In the fall, committee members return early to unload the storage pod and sell unused items to the incoming student population.