The main work of the UA is done through its committees, each of which is headed by a committee chair. Every committee chair is wholly entrusted with representing the student body in their committee's interest area. The authority of the committee chairs, and their responsibilities, are derived from Article IV of the UA Constitution.

There are two types of committees in the UA: Cabinet committees, and Operations committees. Cabinet committees are responsible for representing students in a given area to entities outside of the UA, such as administrators, faculty, and government. Cabinet committees report to the Office of the President of the UA, and meet together as a group once a week to decide policies that are presented to the UA Council. Operations committees are responsible for improving the efficacy and ability of the UA. They report to a particular Officer, depending on their duties.

Cabinet Committee Chairs

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Campus Planning: Arturo Chavez-Gehrig
Community: Bruke Kifle
Education: Lisa Ho
Innovation: Katherine Nazemi
Public Affairs: Elena Alberti
Special Projects: Tchelet Segev
Student-Administrator Collaboration: Lillian Chin
Student Support and Wellness: Tamar Weseley
Sustainability: Yanisa Techagumthorn

Operations Committee Chairs

Committees that Report to the Secretary

Alumni Affairs: Giulio Capolino
History: Alexander Sludds
Involvement: Olivia Brode-Roger
Marketing: Nicholas Curtis
Technology: Elliott Forde & Daniel Smith

Committees that Report to the Treasurer

Events: Laura Yenchensky
Financial Board: Melissa McGee
Resource Development: Brian Huang

Committees that Report to the Chief of Staff

Nominations: Kyle Archer (Chief of Staff)