The MIT Undergraduate Association is your student government, and our only goal is to improve student life at MIT.

It's a simple mission, but it takes over 150 student volunteers to make it happen. Our work spans representing students and advocating for their interests at the Institute as well as leveraging our financial resources and influence to sponsor a variety of programs, projects, and events for students.

The MIT Undergraduate Association was founded in 1893, and now continues a 120 year tradition of supporting students and improving their experience at MIT. We partner with the administration on a number of initiatives, and there are signs of the UA's impact all around you. Here's a breakdown of the areas in which we work:


We work to solve the toughest campus issues by collecting student opinion and harnessing students' problem-solving skills in creating innovative solutions. Your advocates share this insight with Institute leaders to ensure informed decision-making. We focus on ongoing challenges that affect the entire student population, from student support to education and sustainability.

Cabinet Committees


There are a great deal of student needs unmet by the administration at the Institute. When we find a simple solution to these issues, we can leverage our financial resources and partnerships to implement ongoing programs or one-off projects to address the issue at hand.

Current Projects


MIT is nothing without friends and opportunities to be social, meeting new members of your class or of the broader undergraduate community. We host exciting events that provide students with unique opportunities to have fun and create memories to remember after MIT.

For more information, contact your class councils.