Welcome to page of the UA Public Affairs Committee! We were established in 2015 and though we're new, we have big plans to contribute to MIT student life.

Mission Statement:

"The purpose of the Public Affairs Committee is to educate MIT undergraduates about their potential impact in the public sector as well as to establish and maintain collaborative relationships with governmental entities in order to connect undergraduates with opportunities to make positive and meaningful impacts on society. "


We're currently working on:

  1. Inviting our representative to the MA state legislature Rep. Jay Livingstone to MIT for lunch with MIT students.
  2. Inviting former MA governor Deval Patrick to MIT to share his experiences with interested students.
  3. Collaborating with other student groups to set up an alternative career fair so that MIT students have better access to careers in under-represented fields such as government and policy-making, think tanks, and non-profits.


The chair of this committee is Daniel Wang '16.

Our vice-chair is Emily Mu '19.

Our secretary is Ivy Wang '19.

Get involved!

We're always happy see new faces. If you're interested in joining, let us know at ua-pac-chair@mit.edu!

You can also get involved in civic life by registering to vote online if you have a MA driver's license here: https://www.sec.state.ma.us/ovr

or by mail with this form here: http://www.sec.state.ma.us/ele/elepdf/Voter-reg-mail-in.pdf

Contact us:

If you have any questions about our committee, please e-mail us at ua-pac-chair@mit.edu.