The Undergraduate Association Structure

The Undergraduate Association (UA) is made up of over 200 people, all of which work in various parts of the organization. This section details who works within which area, and what those areas are.



The Executive of the UA is made up of the President, Vice President, Principal Officers (Secretary, Treasurer and Chief of Staff), and Committee Chairs. They are responsible for the operations of the organization, and carrying out its policies.


The Council of the UA is made up of representatives from every dormitory, as well as representatives from the Dormitory Council, Interfraternity Council, Living Group Council, and Panhellenic Association. There is also a representative from the Off-Campus living community. They are responsible for oversight of the organization and the representation of students.

Judicial Review Board

The Judicial Review Board is made up of three members, appointed for the length of their time at MIT by the outgoing President each year, according to any vacancies. They are responsible for hearing complaints made against the organization, and handling violations of the Constitution, Council Bylaws, and other governing documents.

Class Councils

Class Councils are elected each Spring, and represent each class year present at MIT. They are responsible for building class cohesion, as well as representing their classes within the UA.

Institute Committees

Institute Committees are the mechanism by which MIT's governance system works. Student representatives serve on a variety of these committees that are instituted throughout MIT. Applications for these committees are typically sent out at the end of the Spring semester. A list of these committees can be found at .