The Council holds Exec and the rest of the Government accountable to the undergraduate student body. As the primary representative body of the Association, the Council is responsible for collecting student input and making final decisions on undergraduate opinions on any given issue. The Council shall strive to protect the rights of students and serve to foster cooperation and communication among various segments of the MIT community.


The Council meets bi-weekly in forums of discussion on behalf of and representing the Association. The Council may discuss any topic directly impacting the MIT community. Ultimately, the Council may pass resolutions and pieces of legislation that dictate the definitive undergraduate opinion on any given issue.


The Council shall have jurisdiction over all activities that are sponsored by an undergraduate
group, including living groups, and that are held on campus outside of a living group area. 
Within its jurisdiction, the Council may decide any issue except as qualified in the UA Constitution or in the Council's Bylaws.


Any student can keep up with the goings-on of Council by adding themselves to ua-council-listeners via Athena or WebMoira. Any email sent to ua-council, which includes all Council members, will also go out to ua-council-listeners. You can also view the Council minutes here.

Discretionary Funding

The Council funds MIT undergraduate initiatives that haven't been funded (or funded sufficiently) from other sources. Generally, this funding is difficult to obtain, so other sources should be investigated first. To apply for funding from Council Discretionary, contact the UA Treasurer.


The UA Council is comprised of representatives from all living groups, the UA Executive Team, and a representative for undergraduate students living off campus.

There are 19 voting members in Council, comprised of the following:

  • 10 dormitory representatives
  • 4 Interfraternity Council (IFC) representatives
  • 3 Panhellenic Association (PanHel) representatives
  • 1 Living Group Council (LGC) representative
  • 1 off-campus representative

These voting members are listed below, with their kerberos given in parentheses next to their name. Please contact them if you have any concerns about the UA, concerns about MIT, or if there is something you believe the UA should work on.

Dormitory Representatives

Baker: Makenzie Patarino (patarino)
Burton-Conner: Emma Desoto (ekdesoto)
East Campus: Alexandra Stanton (astanton)
MacGregor: Eleanor Wintersteen (eleanorw)
Maseeh: Robert Bugilarelli (rbbuglia)
McCormick: Laura Bergemann (lbergema)
New: Elizabeth Gaylord (lgaylord)
Next: Cynthia Lo (cyntlo)
Random: Ryuga Hatano (rhat)
Simmons: Jacqueline Liu (jacqliu)

Interfraternity Council (IFC) Representatives

President: Robert Binkowski (rbinko)
Vice President: Jack Gordon (jlgordon)
Executive Assistant and Treasurer: Arjun Mithal (amithal)
Risk Manager: Rex Shepherd (rrshep)

Living Group Council (LGC) Representatives

Representative: Sasha Rickard(rickard)


Representative: Megan Kralj (kralj)

Panhellenic Association (PanHel) Representatives

President: Ayomide Fatunde (ayomide)
Vice President of Recruitment: Leigh-Ana Rossitto (rossitto)
Vice President of Recruitment Programming: Niki Mossafer Rahmati (nikimr97)