Our Mission

The Committee on Education administrates programs and advocates on behalf of students to improve the undergraduate educational experience. In Fall 2017, CoE projects included investigating grade transparency at MIT, improving advising, reporting and resolving violations of end-of-term regulations, and funding student-faculty dinners.


The CoE manages two ongoing projects to improve the MIT academic experience: student-faculty dinners (and now, coffees!) and violations reporting. If you want to get to know your professor a little better in a more comfortable setting, consider taking them to dinner or coffee on the UA. If you are concerned because you think a policy in one of your classes violates MIT's rules of the faculty, we can advocate on your behalf.

Curious about end of term policy and what constitutes a violation? Visit here.

Excited to dine with a professor? Learn about student-faculty dinners here.

Semester Projects:

Advising: The CoE has been working on a report on advising over the last year, which will be completed and available here shortly. This work parallels recent work in the Vice Chancellor's office to improve faculty advising on campus.

Subject and Adviser Evaluations: Subject Evaluations are a key component in deciding classes for many students. The CoE collected feedback last semester and will be working to improve subject evaluations, namely advocating to allow them to be done after the finals period is over. Additionally, we are interested in developing a process for students to anonymously evaluate their adviser. 

CoE Office Hours: We want to hear from you! We always welcome comments and questions via email, however if you want to talk about education in-person you can do that too.Last semester we had our first CoE Office Hours, where any undergrad can come and chat with a member of CoE about their academic experience. Hopefully that conversation will turn into a CoE project of its own!

Contact US:

To learn more about our projects this year or to join us, contact us at ua-education-members@mit.edu. The chairs can be reached directly at ua-education-chairs@mit.edu.