For a complete listing of term regulations, check out term regulations site, put together by the office of the Chair of the Faculty, or our summary of the regulations.

Students can report a violation of term regulations to UA CoE by filling out the form below or e-mailing We will work with the involved students and faculty members or instructors to resolve any issues. Be sure to include the professor's name and e-mail address, the class, the recitation section (if relevant), and some indication as to the urgency of your request.

Term regulations are policies set out in the Rules and Regulations of the Faculty that are designed to keep classes predictable and not excessively stressful. Students should be able to expect their class abide by these rules, though they should also be on the lookout for potential accidental violations. Any issues regarding term regulations can be worked out between students and their instructors with the help and backing of CoE and the Chair of the Faculty.

Please note that it is Institute policy that individuals will not be reprimanded or discriminated against for initiating an inquiry or complaint (MIT Policies and ProceduresSection 9.6), so don't be afraid to speak up. Remember, these regulations were agreed to by a vote of the faculty themselves.

Nevertheless, if you still feel uncomfortable, we can maintain your anonymity throughout the resolution process. Just be sure to check the appropriate box at the bottom of the web form. If you wish to remain anonymous, your name will only be used for UA CoE to contact you about the progress of your report.


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