Fall Athlete Preseason Housing

The UA is currently soliciting feedback regarding housing options for Fall Athletes, who have preseason activities. Please fill out a survey on this topic here.

Although many athletes who live in on-campus housing during the Academic Year request ‘early return,’ athletes who do no live in on-campus housing (e.g. FSILGs, private apartments) may not be able to move in until after the beginning of preseason. This has lead to certain athletes having no designated place to live during mandatory activities.

The UA is currently in dialogue with DAPER in order to assist these athletes during the preseason practices of Fall 2020.

Currently, the UA is aware that the athletes participating in the following sports arrive (when noted) before the move-in date of on-campus housing (08/31/19):

  • Women’s Cross Country (8/18/2019)

  • Men’s Cross Country (8/18/2019)

  • Field Hockey (8/19/2019)

  • Football (8/17/2019)

  • Sailing (8/25/2019)

  • Women’s Soccer (8/16/2019)

  • Men’s Soccer (8/16/2019)

  • Women’s Volleyball (8/16/2019)

  • Water Polo (8/21/2019)

If this list is non-inclusive, or you are aware of similar issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to ua-feedback@mit.edu.