UA Financial Board

What We Do

"The purpose of this committee shall be to recommend allocations for student group funding to the UA Principal Officers and Council in a fair, beneficial, and responsible manner." -Finboard Bylaws, Article II

The Financial Board (Finboard) allocates funding to student groups in order to support their events. The overall mission and goal of Finboard is to objectively and fairly support all student groups within the limits of the budget and the Finboard Funding Policies.


  • Chair - Zach Schmitz (zschmitz)
  • Vice Chair - Marla Odell (modell)
  • Audit Lead - Bamlak Gessessew (bamlak)
  • Audit Co-Lead - Julia Pei (juliapei)
  • Liaisons:
    • Kathleen Schwind (ks007)
    • Loewen Cavill (loewenkc)
    • Deepankar Gupta (deepg14)
    • Zoe Bornhorst (zoeb)
    • Rose Wang (rewang)
    • Ariel Brito (abrito)

How To Apply for Finboard Funding

Finboard funds ASA recognized student groups composed of a majority of undergraduate students. If a student group is eligible to apply for Finboard Funding, they can apply for funding at when the funding applications are open. There are four funding cycles per year - Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. The funding application opens for each cycle according to the calendar below. Eligible student groups can apply, using the Finboard Funding Policies as a guideline. The applications are then reviewed by Finboard, and funds are allocated and sent to SAO for approval. Once approved, the allocations are released to the student groups by the beginning of that funding cycle. If a student group wishes to appeal the results, they may do so once the Appeals application opens. Finboard then reviews those Appeals and sends those allocations to SAO and once approved, the Appeals are released to student groups. At that point, all funding is final.

How Finboard Funding Works

Once a student group has been allocated funds, that group may then "use" those funds. When a group is allocated funds, there is no physical transfer of funds into the student group's Funding Account. Rather, the student group may process reimbursements against their Funding Account up to the amount allocated, and only for line items specifically applied for an approved during the Finboard Funding Application process. Student groups may only utilize funds for the cycle for which they applied for; funds to not "carry over" to the next cycle. The reimbursements must be processed in a timely manner, and RFPs must be submitted by 15 days after the end of the cycle for which the funds were allocated. 

Summer Cycle: July 1 - Sept 30



Past Cycles

*note: Appeals data not available for Fall 2014 - Summer 2015 cycles

*note: Appeals data not available for Fall 2014 - Summer 2015 cycles

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at or email your liaison (listed below) directly. 

Current Liaison Assignments for Summer Cycle--to be updated after Fall Recruitment

liaison - student group 

Bamlak - Active Minds at MIT

Bamlak - Adventist Christian Fellowship at MIT

Bamlak - Affiliated

Bamlak - African Students Association

Bamlak - American Red Cross Team and Network

Bamlak - Arts Curation and Exhibition Club

Bamlak - Asian American Association

Bamlak - Asian Baptist Student Koinonia

Bamlak - Asian Christian Fellowship

Bamlak - Association of Puerto Rican Students

Bamlak - Asymptones

Bamlak - Baptist Student Fellowship

Bamlak - BioEngineering Bio-Medical Engineering Socitey

Bamlak - Black Women's Alliance

Melissa - Brain and Cognitive Sciences Society

Kathleen - Brazilian Student Association

Kathleen - Camp Kesem at MIT

Kathleen - Caribbean Club

Kathleen - China Development Initiative

Kathleen - Chinese Ensemble

Kathleen - Club of Undergraduate Chinese Nationals

Kathleen - ClubChem

Kathleen - Colleges Against Cancer, MIT

Kathleen - Constructs Dance Crew

Kathleen - Cross Products

Kathleen - Debate Team

Kathleen - Design for America

Kathleen - Dramashop

Kathleen - dynaMIT

Loewen - Engineers Without Borders

Loewen - Ethiopian-Eritrean Students Association

Loewen - Filipino Students' Association

Loewen - Film

Loewen - Food Awareness Project

Loewen - Free Fossils MIT

Loewen - G@MIT

Loewen - Glass Blowing Club

Loewen - GlobeMed at MIT

Loewen - Go Club

Loewen - Hillel

Loewen - Hong Kong Student Society

Loewen - Improv-a-do!

Loewen - International Students Association

Julia - Japanese Society of Undergraduates

Julia - Kenyans@MIT

Julia - Korean International Students Association

Melissa - Korean Students Association

Julia - Kung-Fu Taichi Club

Julia - La Union Chicana por Aztlan (LUChA)

Julia - Laboratory for Chocolate Science

Julia - Latino Cultural Center (LCC)

Julia - Latinos in Engineering and Science (MAES)

Julia - LDSSA (Latter-day Saint Student Association)

Julia - Leadership Training Institute

Julia - Lecture Series Committee

Julia - Live-Action Mafia


Zach - MIT Animation Group

Zach - MIT Anime Club

Zach - MIT Armenian Society

Zach - MIT Art Club

Zach - MIT Asian Dance Team

Zach - MIT Assassin's guild

Zach - MIT Association of Taiwanese Students

Zach - MIT Bhangra

Zach - MIT Bitcoin Club

Zach - MIT BrainTrust

Zach - MIT Casino Rueda

Zach - MIT Caving Club

Zach - MIT Centrifugues

Zach - MIT Chamak

Deep - MIT China Care

Deep - MIT Chinese Students' Club

Deep - MIT Consulting Group

Deep - MIT Cosplay Club

Deep - MIT Dance Troupe

Deep - MIT Democrats

Deep - MIT Effective Altruism

Deep - MIT Fixation

Deep - MIT Flying Club

Deep - MIT Friends of Israel

Deep - MIT Gospel Choir

Deep - MIT Happy Club

Deep - MIT InterVarsity

Deep - MIT Karaoke Club

Deep - MIT Lion Dance

Zoe - MIT Logarhythms

Zoe - MIT Mahjong Club

Zoe - MIT Marching Band

Zoe - MIT Minority Association of Premedical Students

Zoe - MIT Mirchi

Zoe - MIT Mock Trial

Zoe - MIT Muses

Zoe - MIT Mystery Hunt

Zoe - MIT Ohms

Zoe - MIT Phyo Nyi Nyi Kyaw

Zoe - MIT Pokemon League

Zoe - MIT Premedical Society

Zoe - MIT Quiz Bowl Team

Zoe - MIT Resonance

Zoe - MIT Ribotones

Rose - MIT Ridonkulous

Rose - MIT Rocket Team

Rose - MIT Running Club

Rose - MIT Spinning Arts Club

Rose - MIT Sporting Clays Association

Rose - MIT Student Juggling Club

Rose - MIT Student Sex-positive Club

Rose - MIT Syncopasian

Rose - MIT Undergraduate Biochemistry Association

Rose - MIT Undergraduate Research Journal

Rose - MIT Vietnamese Student Association

Rose - MIT Women Business Leaders (WBL)

Rose - MIT Women's Initiative

Rose - MIT Women's Rugby

Rose - MIT-EMS

Rose - MIT/Wellesley Toons

Marla - mitBEEF

Marla - MITeri

Marla - Mocha Moves

Marla - Mujeres Latinas

Marla - Musical Theatre Guild

Marla - OrigaMIT

Marla - Philosophy Club, MIT

Marla - Project Connect

Marla - Queer West

Marla - Quidditch, MIT

Marla - Roadkill Buffett

Marla - Robotic Futbol Club

Marla - sakata afrique

Marla - South Asian Association of Students

Marla - Science Fiction Society, MIT

Ariel - Science Olympiad at MIT

Ariel - Secular Society of MIT

Ariel - Shakespeare Ensemble

Melissa - Sloan Business Club

Ariel - Smart Woman Securities (SWS)

Ariel - Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE-MIT)

Ariel - Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network

Ariel - Stammtisch

Ariel - Starleague, MIT

Ariel - StartLabs

Ariel - Stop Our Silence

Ariel - TBS Dance Collective

Ariel - Techiya

Ariel - The Forum

Ariel - Voo Doo Magazine